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#0 - 2009/02/04 09:58:17 AM
Yeah, I aint got the best gear, mainly because I dont play as much as I used to, but I die in about two or three hits in PVP (ive only got about 13k health, so no wonder), I am usually stunned, then dead lol. Anyway, I figured, I have just as much right to enjoy the game as the other guy who pays the same subscription fee as me, but just happens to play a "more viable" PVP class/spec.

So, Ghostcrawler, or what ever his name is posted the following;

On survivability, part of the problem is that some classes just do too much damage in PvP right now.

But we are looking at Enhancement and Elemental shamans in PvP for 3.1. We hope to be able to announce more details soon.

We don't want to inflate the bonuses for Mail, but it's possible health in general is low for Shamans. That has come up a couple of times.

I think this is the first good thing I read from these devs from a long time, mainly the bit about some classes doing too much damage in PVP.

Do you think finally we might see some changes that will make Elemental and Enhancement a little more fun to play in PVP, or is this wishfull thinking?

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#12 - 2009/02/04 01:03:37 PM
Wishfull thinking or not, I do think it is too soon to proclaim doom and gloom. :-)

We are indeed working on PvP survivability for Enhancement and Elemental shamans. There are quite a few changes being done in patch 3.1, and hopefully soon, we will be able to provide you with some more information on those changes.

The few bits of information that have been shared already:
  • Some classes currently do too much damage in PvP, which is a part of the problem.

  • Shamans health in general is possibly too low, which is a concern we are looking into, although we do not wish to inflate the bonuses for mail

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