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#0 - 2009/02/05 04:38:00 AM
  • Divine Spirit – this spell is now a core ability available to all priests.

  • Discipline has access to a new talent, Power Word: Barrier. (Think of it as Power Word: Shield for your whole group).

  • Several area of effect (AOE) heal spells have been improved: Prayer of Healing can be cast on any groups in your raid party. Holy Nova’s mana cost has been reduced. Circle of Healing now heals for more.

  • Shadow priest PvP survivability has been improved: Shadow Form now reduces magic as well as physical damage. Dispersion now removes snares.

  • Penance – this spell can now be targeted on the priest.

  • Serendipity – this talent now reduces the cast time of Greater Heal and Prayer of Healing when Binding Heal or Flash Heal are cast.

  • We are also working to give Holy additional PvP utility.

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