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#0 - 2009/02/07 12:51:03 PM
This should give you some info and tips on how to be a Survival hunter for 25 man raiding.
Some info provided in this post is taken from Asaki-Argent Dawn and

Survival tree (51-53 points):

5/5 Imp Tracking: Gives you 5% extra damage with tracking.
3/3 Hawk Eye: Increases range by 6 yards, and is a must with Sniper Training.
2/2 Survival Instincts: +2% crit Steady/Arcane/Explosive shot and 2% less damage taken.
5/5 Survivalist: +10% more stamina, after buffs.
3/3 TNT: +9% additional crit chance on Explosive Shot.

3/3 Lock and Load: 10% chance on Serpent Sting and 100% chance on traps to get 2 free Explosive Shots with no ammo, mana and cooldown used.
Has a 30 second cooldown.
Note: The 1.5 second Global Cooldown still applies on the Shots.

3/3 Hunter vs. Wild: Increases your and your pet's AP by 30% of your stamina.
3/3 Killer Instinct: +3% critical strike chance on all attacks.
5/5 Lightning Reflexes: +15% agility after buffs.

2/3 - 3/3 Expose Weakness: 66-100% chance on ranged critical hits to gain 25% of your AGI as AP for 7 seconds.
Base on reaching the soft haste cap (523 Haste Rating) and therefore firing 10 shots per 7 seconds and buffed to 50% crit rate.
1/3 EW = ~84% uptime
2/3 EW = ~98% uptime
3/3 EW = ~99.9% uptime.
So with much lower haste and crit ratings 3/3 EW is better then 2/3.

1/1 Wyvern Sting: Just for being able to get the Noxious Stings talent.
3/3 Thrill of the Hunt: If a shot crits, you gain 40% of it's mana costs back.
5/5 Master Tactician: 10% chance upon all successful ranged hits to get +10% crit strike chance.
3/3 Noxious Stings: +3% damage on targets affected by your Serpent Sting.

3/3 Sniper Training: Requires a minimum 30 yards from target to gain +6% damage on Steady, Aimed and Explosive Shot against that target.
In addition it adds +15% critical strike chance to Kill Shot.
Range Display is a good addon to use together with it:

1/5-3/5 Hunting Party: Adds replenishment support to your raid.
Same as Expose Weakness concerning crit, but haste wise based on amounts of shots fired every 15 seconds to cover 2-3 replenishment procs (for 25 man raid) every 15 seconds.
With the same 50% crit chance most will even be fine with 1/5, if there are other classes providing mana regen.

1/1 Explosive Shot: The strongest shot for a survival hunter.

Marksmanship tree (15-18 points):
5/5 Lethal Shots: +5% critical strike chance on all shots.
5/5 Mortal Shots: +30% critical strike damage on abilities. (Means that this does not affect Auto Shot)
3/3 Careful Aim: Adds 100% of you intellect to ranged attack power.

1/1 Aimed Shot: To replace some Steady Shot's in rotation.
Aimed Shot hits/crits for 500-1000+ more damage.
This is an instant shot.

1/2 Go for the Throat: Gives your pet 25 focus each time you hit a boss with a ranged critical hit.
0/3-3/3 Improved Stings: Enhances all stings, but for PvE, this gives your Serpent Sting +30% damage.
With Improved Aspect of the Hawk you gain more DPS pr. point then by Improved Stings.
Specially with a glyph providing 2 additional points.
And that even if your Steady Shot is down at 1.5 seconds cast time.

Beast Mastery (1-5 points):
1/5-5/5 Improved Aspect of the Hawk: Even if you are haste capped, this talent provides you enough boost on your Auto Shots making it worth it.

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#16 - 2009/02/10 10:45:40 AM
This is a great thread. We're re-doing our "informative guide" stickies and this will be included in that. Thanks for the good work!