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#0 - 2010/01/08 06:55:26 PM
Hello all, I just saw the Blizzard post where they see that we are weak in PvE DPS. I would like to start a serious list on some small tweaks that we could get to help us out.


I think Backdraft could be changed to 5 charges of 20%.

Have Rain of Fair use backdraft and each tick of Rain of Fire should consume one charge.

Turn backlash into a 1 point talent.

Tweak Fire and Brimstone so that when the front end of Immolate crits, the Immolate DoT does 20% more damage. (Depending on how you make it work, maybe a higher %, 20% onto base immolate probably wouldn't be enough, 20% onto overall would.)

Change Conflag so that if the upfront damage crits so does the DoT, if the upfront damage doesn't crit the DoT doesn't either. (Or the DoT is uncrittable and the front end crit just doubles the damage).

I have been tossing an idea around in my head to make corruption viable for Destro, but it would probably require a deep destro talent to allow corruption to crit. Crittable curses wouldn't be a bad idea either.


Have Drain Soul ticks refresh Corruption, or have a good chance to, like 40%.

Have Shadow Bolt and Drain Soul ticks add time to Haunt. Maybe every Shdowbolt adds 1 second and every Drain Soul tick adds 1.5 seconds? This is just something I been throwing around in my head.


Demo seems pretty good atm, behind the other two in DPS but great raid support, I don't think I would make any Demo changes.

Now these are just some ideas I have been throwing around in my head, wanted to get them on paper. And hopefully have a Blue read them. Any extra serious input would be nice!

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#17 - 2010/01/08 10:12:09 PM
We're reviewing a number of possibilities for tweaking all three trees in the next minor patch. We hope to have some more information to share with you soon. ;)

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#29 - 2010/01/08 11:16:12 PM
I've posted a few details on some changes we have in mind here: