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#0 - 2010/01/08 09:14:35 PM
To the rogue community and to any blizzard rep that may be reading,

As combat, I can pull between 9.1 to 9.7k DPS on a burn fight like Festurgut or Deathbringer depeding on whether or not I get my extra combo points from SS crits. Yes I am #1 all the time since 3.3, but very closely behind me is our hunter at 9.1 to 9.3k followed by our DK at 9k and shorly after our mages/feral druids at about 8.8k.

So what happens after the nerf? No numbers are final, but from what information we have, combat will recieve at least a 2.5% nerf, while Mut keeps seeing hunger for blood numbers reduced. From 18% to a possible 5% since 3.3 So that's 13% gone from mut and we haven't even factored in the poison nerf that is also coming along with it.

This tells me now combat will be at best competative with well played hybrid classes, but with stronger dps cooldowns. Unfortunately this also tells me that Mutilate is going to take a massive hit and will likely be only on par if not below combat. So why be mutilate when it's harder to maintain a rotation if you're not going to have superior single target dps?

I was under the impression blizz wanted rogues to shift back to daggers, so why such a large nerf to the dagger line? We know mut is too high at the moment., but to lower its damage by such a large degree will surely have rogues shift back over to combat.

Blizzard, please make up your minds.

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#7 - 2010/01/08 10:12:57 PM
Please refer to the follow thread about the recent Rogue changes to continue the discussion and feedback: