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#0 - 2009/02/16 09:55:17 PM

the question is
do i lose ( can't use ) my Weakness Spectralizers ( engineer helm ) if i delete the Profession ?

don't tell my omg what a noob ofc you can't

because my warrior was Master Axesmith and i switch to Alchemy and still be able to use my Axesmith Axe that says ( requires Master Axesmith )..

can you help me here guys


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#4 - 2009/02/17 01:46:02 PM
In my experience, if you leave the item equipped when you drop the profession, you will still continue to wear it. When you next see the loading screen (relog or area/instance zoning) the item will still be equipped but the item will no longer benefit your character, or if it is an weapon, it should appear broken and unuseable.