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#0 - 2009/02/22 02:27:53 AM
Been playing around with shiv since the last patch. Found it to be good in both pve and pvp due to the recent snd buffs. Spreadsheats also tell me that what Im seeing is true. Shiv is back where it was a year ago, outscaling main attacks.

Been pvping with 35/5/31 spec last few days, threw together a wannabe-movie of it. Its good for stunlocking about anything, but sortof misses the burst of mutilate. The substained damage is great though. Nature damage neglects any armor, so it doesnt matter what armor your targets have. (might want to watch it in HD, youtube @*@*@@!#%@#!**!* the normal one).

Anyone tried shiv out lately, expecting a nerf?

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#33 - 2009/02/24 09:38:53 AM
Originally posted by Ghostcrawler:
Q u o t e:
Ideally, Shiv would not be an uber PvE button to push, which is why we have nerfed it before. We don't have any changes to announce for it yet, but we may end up changing it before 3.1 ships. The purpose of such a change would not be to nerf rogue damage, but just so you didn't feel like you needed to use Shiv for Combat or Assassination PvE builds.

Please remember that we have not announced all of the 3.1 changes yet. Even when 3.1 goes up on the PTR, it will not initially have all of the class changes in it. We want to get this patch up early so we have lots of time for feedback.

One thing we are messing a lot with is poison procs. Changing poison to a proc per minute would make super fast weapons less attractive. I am suggesting that such a change might happen just so you don't recklessly shard all of those slow weapons. (The Enhancement shamans may want them too.)

Quoting this for visibility.