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#0 - 2009/02/22 08:48:40 PM
Straight question...
Due to doing the Battle of Undercity quest at the end of wrathgate in Northrend.. Varimathras has been removed from the game as far as my Deathknight is concerned.

Well now i'm going for Loremaster and what i need to know is:

Is loremaster of the eastern kingdoms possible still without varimathras to complete quests such as 'battle for hillsbrad' final quest, and indeed any quests in which he was the starter NPC for them?

So there you go.. a straight question, anyone got any encouraging answer?

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#4 - 2009/02/23 10:49:47 AM
This matter is one we're certainly aware of and plans for Varimathras' quests (hand in and collections) are being looked into so they can be collected/completed after having completed the event that alters his presence in Undercity.