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#0 - 2009/02/23 01:32:29 PM
Just to put this out of the way:
- yes, this is a but kissing, attention caller, whatever post.
- Yes, I hope I'll not get an perma (or temp) ban on the forums because of it
- Yes, I really am this excited to see a Blue poster back in the profession forums

Now, off with the formalities and, ...

Welcome to the profession forums Ancilorn, 2 posts in 7 days makes you the blue recordist of 2009 (and 2008 also probably) so, make yourself at home and we all hope you enjoy your stay.

You see, the skies have been clouded around here and, we haven't seen even the tiniest bit of blue so, tell us something about yourself, what is your avatar going to be? Do you want one of our Alchemists to get you an super Vial or are you already on your own in the Mug's department?

Well, I don't want to bore you much with a questions flood so, have fun, relax and enjoy your stay, we're pretty eager to read all the posts we're sure your going to be making in the next few days.

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#2 - 2009/02/23 01:45:21 PM
Thanks for the welcome, but I will need to 'perform my stuff' on this thread.

My avatar will be landing in posts 'soon'. It's ready to rock and roll, just needs to be put in place. :)

I'll no doubt see you around the boards!