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#0 - 2009/02/24 12:04:37 PM
Dont know if this is bug or intended, but this is what I got on PTR :

Enjoy 7/8 club.

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#3 - 2009/02/25 02:00:34 PM
Q u o t e:
It's intended change, As Kisirani stated. Be Mine requires only 6 candies now.
This is quite correct. The achievement will be flagged retroactively for anyone who collected at least six of the eight candies.

Upon review of the figures, it was decided that the drops should have been more common than they were. Instead of removing the achievement from the meta (like we did with 'A Mask for all Occasions', which honestly was a much more punishing achievement to earn) we thought it best to simply reduce the required number of items needed. This means those who gave some dedication to gathering the candies still reap the benefits of their work. =)