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#1 - 2016/12/02 08:37:00 AM
It's very disheartening to see something that has aided the RP PvP servers so much go away. It just seems to be yet another bullet in the overall game for Roleplayers that enjoy PvP as well.

We (ED) had a lot of questions regarding why World Defense was shut down and this was the response at the time. This was what we were told.

We were looking for something along the lines of maybe patch notes, or maybe a blue post on the situation and we've waited quite some time. The same person asked the same question and now we're met with this response.

On my server Emerald Dream, we love our RP and our PvP. We have days like RP Day where people put up RP stories that fill the entire first page of our forum. We have server wide events that encourage people to return to the old world and create a story that unites our faction for whatever cause it calls for. It's something that I love and truly believe makes our server something special.

Legion requires your time if you wish to stay relevant in terms of gearing and Artifact Levels. We spend a lot of time doing AP farms, Mythic + dungeons, and Emissaries. And these things are awesome in my opinion because out in the world, it truly shows who's working hard through things like having a high ilvl and being able to dumpster people or seeing someone who has the new spider mount.

So with our (RP'ers) time focused on the Broken Isles, I think some people know where I may be going with this. As RP'ers on Emerald Dream we plant our banners down on a specific piece of land and call it our own. For my guild (Warbringer) that place would be Aerie Peak. For us we've seen tons of RP Events, walkup RP, scheduled and unscheduled attacks on our base. And with the focus being on the Broken Isles so heavily, it makes things pretty much impossible to defend our lands because we can't really see what's going on.

I remember a time where a guild did a random attack on our base. We saw it on World Defense and jumped into action. We got grouped up, and met our attackers in combat with us being victorious. There was a lowbie nearby who unfortunately got mixed up in the whole fight but we involved him in the assault IC'ly. Saying that we were going to keep him safe and for him to hide inside. We then lined up at the entrance of the Keep to chase the attackers out of the Hinterlands.

I later got a whisper from the same person who said that that was one of the coolest experiences that he ever had in WoW. Who then later joined our guild.

Keeping the old world somewhat alive is something that I think is awesome on RP servers. Taking away the ability to see our lands being under attack takes away from RP guilds on RP PvP servers and maybe even other regular RP servers having the ability to share their guilds with other people.

It wouldn't hurt anyone if this was brought back.

TL;DR Bring back World Defense so RP'ers who have an RP base of operations or are in the middle of an RP PvP Campaign know when their lands are under attack.

EDIT: Check out Turwinkles videos that highlight several different RP Guilds that base themselves out in the world.

EDIT2: Holinka QA Response to World Defense:

EDIT3: Ornyx feedback on World Defense (8/8/2017)

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#411 - 2017/01/24 01:10:00 AM
Going to try to get an answer on this, but it was send up the chain a few weeks ago. Thanks for all the feedback so far, everyone. This hasn't gone unnoticed by me.

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#448 - 2017/01/27 01:19:00 AM
I've increased the cap on this thread.

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#552 - 2017/02/06 07:46:00 PM
Basically, it comes down to issues with chat channels in conjunction with CRZ and phasing. From what I understand, the channel did not meet its purposes insofar as you could run to an area that was "under attack", only to see that it was completely empty when you arrived because the alert you saw in the World Defense channel was actually coming from a separate phase.

While we could have a conversation about re-enabling it for RP realms specifically, I do not think that is the solution, as the above issue will still persist and players will not see players in other phases that these alerts may be calling out.

Open to feedback and suggestions here.

Edit: Apologies for the wait time here. Took us some time to figure out and understand the issue at hand here.