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#0 - 2009/02/27 12:35:14 PM
The Red Proto Drake is a reward for completing Heroic achievements - the easiest drake to get of the 3.

If Black and Plagues are being removed because Blizz are worried ppl will zerg through content in their uber Ulduar gear then the Red Drake needs removing too - after all, Heroic achievements are easier to gear your way though.

Stop contradicting yourselves Blizzard and give us some consistency.




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#18 - 2009/03/02 11:57:22 AM
We're not planning on stopping the Red Drake from being obtainable at present, the ones we plan on removing are 310% mounts and those are the ones we deem necessary to hinder being farmed when they become 'EZMOAD'.

We'll let you know if our stance on this changes at any point.

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