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#0 - 2009/03/02 10:24:04 AM
Well blizzard sadly you are not
all the BS about tring to make all tank classes the same is BS.
each tank class should have it's stronger points and it's weaker points

I.E. paladin tanks make the best AOE tankers + the best tanks versus daemons + undead mobs
I.E. death knights make the best tanks versus magic using bosses
I.E. druid tanks makes the best tanks for high stam/ avoidence bosses - say patch werk , OS + 3 Drakes etc....

i don't quite have an example for warriors
anyway with those 2 changes to druid tanking u just gimped us, and we are warrior with out parry....

first of all reducing HoTW tam bonus to 10% from 20% just means we gonna have, about the same HP as warrior/paladin/DK with less mitagiation.....

remeber warriors and paladins can Block, Parry and Dodge
Death knights can Parry and Dodge
Druids can Dodge - just dodge

regarding the second change, that so called "Lite shield block" aka Savage defense
in one word it could be a nice idea BUT IT SUX HARD TIME, the mechanics is totally wrong

explained in older posts (not by me) is that savage defense will sux really hard vs. fast hitting bosses
and we have already suggested the following mechanics (still not by me, i suggested another mechanics)
"You have a chance equal to your chance to crit, to absorb damage equal to 25% of your attack power"
still i don't agree on the Attack power, but that's a minor detail. the HUGE change in the mechanics is the difference. insted of relaying on outgoing damage from the druid, you are relaying on incoming attacks >> WHICH IS THE SAME FOR ALL OTHER TANKS

i.e. warrior get attacked >> used shiled block (chance to block 100% now), attack blocked
i.e. warrior get attacked + shiled block on cooldown >> attack can be (blocked, parried, dodged or land)
same as above for paladin and DKs (DKs can't block tho :PPP)

BUT FOR DRUID it's like this
druid attack >> if crit then create shiled, if didn't crit then dodge or land the attack...

WHAT EVER BLIZZARD enough with the NERFS!!!!

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#1 - 2009/03/02 11:50:55 AM
All tanks have their strong points and weak points, this is true at present, and something we will continue to strive towards.

We would rather not remove the possibility of a specific tanking class from a specific encounter, ideally we would like any tanking class/spec combo to be able to tackle each boss encounter, but of course not remove the benefit of having one or two ideals for the situation.

Boss encounters that deal massive burst damage, take Malygos for example, are suited best towards tanks with larger HP pools, right? This would be best suited for a Druid or a cooldown ready Death Knight. This does not mean that a Prot Warrior or Paladin couldn't handle it, but you know who would have an easier ride.

Should Malygos have been a fast hitting melee based boss, then Warriors or Paladins would have been the star candidates for the encounter but not removing others from being able to tank the fight altogether.

We have realised that both Malygos and Sarth were burst damage based, thus the variety so far in Wrath hasn't necessarily been great, so worry not that future encounters will have this brought back in-line.

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#53 - 2009/03/04 04:16:12 PM
Q u o t e:
I do hope savage defense will be up on ptr asap and all these worries will have been for nothing.
At the moment I feel that my druid will become a sort of weak warrior in a different skin.
This should be updated in the next PTR build, or very shortly after. There have been some rather irritating bugs getting it implemented to the PTR, and we do appreciate it would be of great use for yourselves and for ourselves also to get it up and running as soon as possible. The design has not been modified and actually it's been reinforced in our minds as a good change due to recent discussions.