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#0 - 2010/01/14 08:52:01 PM
Apparently, blizz has said they want us taking 3 tanks to Putricide 25. Please explain exactly what you would like the third tank to be doing during the fight, and how this is supposed to work in general.

Firstly, gearing a third tank and keeping them showing up to tank has been difficult. And then there's having people go tank instead of having them dps as usual, meaning they are probably getting second dibs on tank and dps loot, so you are generally gonna be putting an inferiorly geared tank out there. Doesn't sound too fun for that person.

Secondly, what is this person going to do during the fight up until that point? You talk an awful lot about "Fun and Interesting" but standing there doing just over 2k over 8 or 9 minutes against a mob you're not tanking sounds uhhhh... not very fun and interesting,

I just can't wrap my head around what else you would do. Only one abom, so that's not something to do. Not any tankable adds to play with. Not any neato positioning stuff to play with. I guess I'm just either missing something or I'm expected to have someone put their thumb up their ass for a few minutes.

Apparently, the response to this was "well, we are taking away a dps to set a higher bar for dps requirement overall." I'm no famous developer or anything, but this just sounds like bad design. I'm all for setting the bar a little higher on DPS required to burn him and requiring more healing to get through the fight, but damn. Asking us to grow a third leg that serves only as a spare for when the other two have given out seems idiotic at best.

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#32 - 2010/01/14 06:29:06 PM
Looks like the issue is resolved. If you don't have a third tank for ICC, now is the best time to start recruiting.