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#0 - 2010/01/05 10:26:30 AM
Hello, i have an alt warrior, mainly in 232 lvl gear, and i am running heroic with it for fun.

The problem that i encounter in almost all instances ( it is worse on non icc5 man instances ) is that 70% of the time i am rage starved. Now i run with dual stamina trinkets and avoidance level around 25% / 20% / 22% ( dodge, block, parry ) so not getting hit often enough should not be a problem ( yes i am hit, over soft expertise cap and i stack stamina ).

Loving the class so much i decided tu look up in the problem a little further and i discovered that we have the worst resource generation from all tanking class, and with gear getting better you actually are performing worse.

Our aoe is not the greatest and i am stuck with spamming cleave ( glyphed ) to hold threat from happy aoers ( that do not outgear me by alot), this is also with TC at cool-down , Shock-wave , and glyphed devastate so i hit 2 targets with sunder(also using shield block so that they take more dmg when hitting me). On small pack is manageable ( 4-5 adds ) but on large pack the aoers always take aggro at some point ( even-though i tab through them so that cleave doesn't always hit the same targets). And being rage starved i am forced to pick up more mobs so i get rage , but i can not always keep aggro on all of them, fewer mobs means no rage means no cleave spamming means less threat (and nowadays a lot of classes use AOE moves in the regular single target rotations)

Looking at the other tanking classes i feel very lacking :

DK : very good aoe( can be excellent if frost or unholy), very good single target , starts with all the resources ready and builds up resources by attacking. The downside is that they take more dmg

Paladin : excellent aoe , excellent single target , start with resources ready, and they have it in unlimited amounts with sanctuary, plea, attument etc. Also they have excellent stamina and str scaling , excellent mitigation ( almost all attacks are either avoided or get reduced by shield ) , and excellent anti wipe talents in form of AD and LoH, silence, 2 taunts, stun, aoe stun vs undead. In one word i can not find any downside to them they are above every other tank. They bring more utility to a group with hands, buffs, cleanse, self shield etc.They even have passive TC effect and AP reduction. You may say that this is also the case of warrior but on aoe effect but TC means less attacks means less rage means less threat.

Druid : good aoe, excellent single target. does not start with resources but they can build them up, huge scaling with stamina, BUILDS UP resources by attacking, by being hit, by dodging. Shield like ability, one stat - agi- gives them avoidance, mitigation( by increasing armor, shield size, shield proc rate), threat, self heal, more rage.

Now warriors are the worst aoers, very good single target threat when in swimming in rage. Do not start with rage but they can built it up. Worst dmg reduction talents(along with droods but they make up by having more armor, more health and a better shield mechanic), worst str and sta scaling. To keep up with threat we must gimp our rage generation thus gimping our ability to make threat. Our only stat that increases threat is str and shield block but that stat does not increase our avoidance, and our mitigation ( yes small due to shield block but that needs also another stat to make it happen)

Seeing as there is nothing unique for in tanking between classes - Last stand was given to 2 other classes in better forms, shield wall given to 2 other classes in way better forms; the only way out is to give us a rage on specials ability like druids have.

Yes this can be looked upon as a QQ post. Yes i know we can do our job , and yes i a doing it already, but i work 4 times more then the other tanks, and also i gimp my group when i say to them to watch the aggro in bigger pools or when i am rage starved for long periods of time.

I have tanked also with a paladin and a druid and with them my group is happier, can go wild , can have fun , can see more bigger numbers or they can aoe like crazy without worry ( they still have to know how to do it properly).

I do not want easy mode like paladin fire and forget aoe threat, and a fixed rotation, or like druids with 360 degrees aoe do not worry about positioning with shield working from any spot and no worries about rage after 3 seconds of fight, i actually enjoy positioning mobs, using all my abilities at the max, always being alert.

All i ask is better aoe mechanic ( maybe a deep prot talent that makes cleave with 1 hand weapon hit more targets , maybe even all in front - maybe a morrowgar like cleave that splits dmg to all targets in range ), better scaling on sta and str, better resource management ( maybe in line with all the other tanks !!! ), more utility to str so when i socket str instead of stamina i should feel it at-least half as a druid stacking agility.

This problems exist from TBC and have been raised multiple times but the changes made were minimal

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#25 - 2010/01/07 06:28:26 PM
Q u o t e:
Loving the class so much i decided tu look up in the problem a little further and i discovered that we have the worst resource generation from all tanking class, and with gear getting better you actually are performing worse.

Rage starvation is indeed a concern, and we do acknowledge that it can be extremely frustrating to tank in a dungeon that you outgear. We do not wish to see it becoming a common thing for Warriors to downgrade their gear in order to improve performance in early or older content, so this is definitely something we are looking into.

However, that being said, we do want the rage mechanic to remain a fundamental part of playing a Warrior, as such you should not expect to see it removed from the game or drastically changed to something completely different. We want rage to be a class resource that will require you to actually manage your abilities in order to optimize your performance. Rage should of course not be a massive obstacle, but neither should it be something that can simply be disregarded once enough gear has been acquired.