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#0 - 2010/09/20 08:53:49 PM
Tanking randoms can be quite annoying, especially with all dps hating tanks, tanks hating dps and healers hating everyone (for obvious reasons).

I've found a reasonably comfortable way of quickly getting the daily hc over with, without wasting time or effort on hostile people. I queue as tank, instant group of course and then leave queue, repeat until "This dungeon is in progress".

A dungeon in progress can only mean so many things, and most of the time the tank has been kicked because of bad attitude, bad tanking or impatient dps, needless to say they are usually happy that a new one arrived and best of all, they can't kick again so no matter what you say or do you will get to finish the remaining part of the dungeon and get it done. Another case would be that the tank left because of poor dps or healing, but generally this isnt a problem, most dungeons are easily done anyway and since its "in progress" you don't even have to worry about doing all of it. In these cases you can also do pretty much what you like since the fail or semi fail group is so glad to see you.

Perhaps it seems like a waste of time waiting for the "in progress" sign to pop up, but i've found it usually takes less than a minute or so, absolutely worth it since most dungeons are more than half way done when the group breaks up. Should waiting become unbearable, just do the dungeon the normal way :)

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