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#0 - 2009/03/13 08:25:19 PM

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This is a topic (UI improvements for healers for all y'all reading this quote out of context) that we'd definitely like more feedback on.

Keep in mind that the goal is not to replace every custom mod. The goal is that players who want to heal without custom mods feel like they can do their job.


GC has asked for more feedback on the normal Blizzard UI so I also wanna add my feedback, feel free to add all your feedback about what you would like improved or added.

1. Make it more customisable, let us decide how big we want the frame, how the padding should be, how much spacing etc etc (just the basic)

2. Show incoming heals from other healers

3. Show Names, HP, Debuffs. (Basicly let us decide what information we want on the frame)

4. Also being able to lock the raid fram in place would help.

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#8 - 2009/03/13 11:30:16 AM
We shall be gathering feedback on this topic in the following thread, so feel free to drop by and give us your ideas.