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#0 - 2008/11/15 02:31:02 AM
How to kill DK as a caster class ? Especially unholy DK.

If your answer is "Balance is not based around 1v1", then what is it based on ?

Atleast not arenas, why all the top teams have been always pretty much the same setups.

Atleast not BG's/Mass fights, servers crash or huge lag comes to the zone if big raids clash against each other. In BG's the main priority is completing the map objectives, not middle zerging.

Atleast not PvE, if it was, why would WoW have PvP in the first place then ? Not to mention PvP based talent trees, did you ever see disc priest doing Sunwell before patch ?

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#51 - 2008/11/17 10:54:51 AM
Thread has derailed into nothing more than a mere flamefest, so I am locking this before it turns into a fully fledged flamewar.

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