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#0 - 2008/12/19 06:48:17 PM
I suck at writing stuff like this, so i'm just gonna jump straight to what i want said

Remember that 50k hp left wipe in 25 mans? Well, THAT could've been a successful bossfight if more people knew about this!
Sure call it common sense, but i know a lot of people ain't using this.
There are some macros and addons which could really help you out.


These macros will allow you to have your trinket effects up as much as possible, cause if you have them on a single key, you WILL forget about pressing your trinkets once they become available again. So, with these macros, when pressing your main attack, it will automatically use them.

This would be something a melee DPS'er should replace their most used attack with (sinister strike, mutilate, heroic strike, crusader strike etc etc). i'm not sure if /startattack will affect auto shot, so hunters might have to go some other way around that, /cast Auto Shot wouldn't be a very wise idea, since it'll toggle between it.

#showtooltip Skill Name
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Skill Name

A caster DPS'ers main attack (fireball, frostbolt, wrath, corruption etc etc) should look something like this, note that casters don't need any /startattack (duh!).

#showtooltip Skill Name
/use 13
/use 14
/cast Skill Name

Note that instead of typing 13 and 14, you can simply add the trinkets name instead, this might be preferred if you're pvp'ing sometimes, since pressing a macro with /use 13/14 will use your insigna if you've got it equipped.

These macros might not be very suited for some bossfights when you've got to nuke at a specific time, so replace it with your normal attacks when needed! Also keep in mind that:
Q u o t e:
waiting 30 seconds to use your trinkets during bloodlust is more of a dps increase than using them right away.
so you might want to swap it out for all your bossfights, these macros are merely a helping tool so you have to do less work remembering to pop trinkets. There are addons to remind you when trinkets are ready (PowerAuras for one) which some people might prefer.

For the rings, weapons, engineering gloves enchants etc, which are useable, you can add those to your macro by simply adding the line "/use Item Name Here" after or before the "/use 13/14", this also works with haste potions and other items.


Classtimer -
This is a great mod for keeping track of your dots on your target, the time left on slice and dice, when your battleshout is about to expire, you name it! Do i really have to say more?

Recount -
Damage meter which not only tracks damage done, but deaths, dispels, interrupts, healing and much much more. This may not fit in here, but if you're doing dps tests on the dummies this is a must have!

DrDamage -
AddOn of awesomeness, it takes your stats into calculation and calculates estimated damage of your attacks.

Rating Buster -
Show how much crit, AP, SP, expertise, hit, etc etc you get from the new item compared to your old one, might not fit in here but i figured i'd post it aswell.

Cooldown Count or OmniCC
Shows cooldowns in numbers on your bars instead of that hardly visible, half transparent "clock".

Power Auras
Great mod for showing gains like trinket or enchant procs, combo points, to show you when a skill is useable, yea i think you can use it for almost everything, at least check it out! Very customizeable!

This is an awesome mod for casters and people using 2 handers. It's a casting bar with a latency bar, go to curse and look it up for detailed explanation and pictures. it includes a swingtimer which is ideal for arms warriors, not sure about other classes. however it doesn't show a swing timer if you're dual wielding.

Oh, and as mentioned in several other threads, cooldowns used at the start of bossfights will in most cases make them useable a second time, it really works!

Yep, that's about it, simple, but yet effective!

(I wrote this mainly for my guild, but figured i might post it here aswell, so if you see any weird language, that's probably the case since i didn't rewrite it.)


EDIT 1: Fix'd underlines
EDIT 2: Added links
EDIT 3: Removed the /stopcasting macro, since it no longer works

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