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#0 - 2009/01/03 02:57:47 PM
Look at this pathetic, dishonest thread by Blizzards main propaganda tool Ghostcrawler:

The question he asks has been answered more than FOUR !#!*ING MONTHS ago. In beta at the very latest when premade chars with the blue PvP set and the best non-set PvP items were available to everyone. Even back then DK/Paladin especially retribution paladin were totally overpowered and absolutely dominated arenas.

And more than that....anyone with half a brain would have seen the moment he programmed an ability like 50% less damage for 12 seconds for DKs that this would be overpowered.

Blizzard KNOWS whats wrong with the game and they know EXACTLY how they could fix it. Thats their !#!*ing job. How can people actually believe that bull@%#! Ghostcrawler is trying to give us about how they are in the search for improving the game??

The point is...they do NOT WANT to fix the game. The imbalance is part of their policy. They do it to get players to stay longer and pay longer. To reroll the newest overpowered class. To take longer to reach their goals (probably because many players once they actually reached glad titels or seen all the PvE content are much more likely to leave the game).

I don't understand exactly why they do this because i don't really see how it could be in their interest to keep players playing more hours/month when they get paid monthly.

But from their actions its obvious that their interest is NOT to balance the game or make it a generally enjoyable experience (same in PvE where they probably try to keep players playing longer by group pressure through having to raid for the good items and by crappy stupid drop rate).

It just a blatant lie that they do not know how to balance the classes or that balancing a game like WoW is not really possibly.

It might not be possibly to get classes within a 10% margin of each other. But right now DKs and paladins make up 50% of the chars in the top 100. Thats 250% more than there should be with 10 classes.

Thats not inability to balance. Thats intentional.

The evil part is that Blizzard in the form of Ghostcrawler tries to create the impression as if they were desperately on the search for balance. They are not. its a lie. They are manipulating their customer base to shove them from class to class from nerd rage to nerd rage from discussion to discussion.

As i wrote i do not exactly know why they do it. In the end its probably about keeping players playing and paying on average longer for the game.

Does anyone else see that to or am i mad? Anyone an idea about what the real intentions of Blizzard/Vivendi are? Would be helpfull to realize what they really plan to do so maybe i could adapt and improve my "gaming experience".^^

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#29 - 2009/01/07 10:36:36 AM
I would like to repeat that it is perfectly alright to complain if you are unhappy about something, but please keep it civil when doing so. Being confrontational, throwing insults and posting bad language is not beneficial to anyone.