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#0 - 2009/01/31 07:17:18 PM
What is your favorite set up to bring to a raid?

Personally, I don't look at who does the HIGHEST on the meters, because at the end of the day, if you have compitent DPS they will get the job done anyway. Also if all equally geared and skilled, the difference between the amount done isn't anything to worry about.

Wrath did sort of nullify this by making raidwide buffs and class-simular buffs, which kind of ruined the uniqueness but I still think there is some there.

What would you favour in your raid?

IMO mine would be..(In order)

1. Enhance shammy
2. Retri Paladin
3. Death Knight
4. Feral Druid
5. Shadow Priest
6. Mage (not really bothered by spec)

The other 4 consisting of tanks/healers. 10 man raid (because in 25man it doesn't matter as all specs should be there)

If i had to choose tanks/healers I would choose a Pala MT, Frost DK OT, Holy Priest & resto druid

I like warlocks to for soulstones and healthstones but CoE doesn't really benifit me so much, and this is on a personal level not RAID level.

Remember - this ISN'T "who does highest DPS" because everyone can do DPS now, so this is more to what you wana see in your raid, buffs, feel best working together etc.

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#77 - 2009/02/05 07:20:50 PM
Thread has derailed into a flamefest, hence the lock.

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