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#0 - 2010/04/14 12:36:30 AM
My warrior dinged last Thursday. I've been doing a few heroics since then. It's a mixed bag. Some runs were great fun. Some runs were terrible. My resilience towards bad dps players has dropped to zero.

If you can't behave, I will say something. And then leave the group. This is an alt. I don't need to do heroics. I rather go do the dishes, the laundry, or check the AH. I rather not play for 30 minutes, than tank for your sorry pathetic ass.

I am a warrior. Not a paladin or druid. My aoe threat is lower than that of other tanking classes. If you don't understand that, I will let you die on every pull. I pull, you wait, then you dps. It is as simple as that. If I *tell* you in advance that my aoe aggro isn't great, and you still keep overaggroing in the first second, I will leave the dungeon.

I am new to tanking. I've played another class since the day the european servers opened. I have done Scholo, Strat, UBRS, etc in greens a zillion times. I know how to play in dungeons. I know better than you. I just don't have experience yet with the current heroics as a tank. I tell you this at the start. If you still can't behave and deal with that fact, I will leave the dungeon.

Hurrying causes wipes. Always. One wipe costs more extra lost time than a careful run takes. I rather go slow at the tricky pulls. If you tell me to go "gogogo", I will flame you. If you keep nagging it goes too slow, I will leave the dungeon.

I dinged 80 5 days ago. You have 2k more GS than me. If you expect me to keep aggro over you going full out dps, you don't understand the game. Not my problem. It is your task to stay under my aggro. Always. Even if I'm crap threat (which I am not). Especially during the first 5-10 seconds. If you can't control yourself, I will leave the dungeon.

You have 5.7k GS, and I have only 4.2k. I don't care. You are still a bad player. Anything under 6k GS can be pugged by bad players like yourself. So don't get cocky. GS doesn't mean anything. I tanked heroic PoS with 3.1k GS (and a friendly healer on TeamSpeak and 3 pug dps who could behave). If you are cocky about your non-impressive gear, I will leave the dungeon.

I pull. Always. No exceptions. If you pull, I will tell you to not do that. Dps pulling makes it twice as hard for the tank to get initial aggro on mobs (esp a group). If you pull a second time, I will leave the dungeon.

Stay behind the tank. Especially when you don't know what you're doing. In a week's time I've already wiped a few times because a dps runs forward into mobs, or pulls a patrol. Healer tries to keep him up, and before I notice it, healer has died. I'll ask you to stay behind the tank. If you don't, I will leave the dungeon.

And there's more. Trivial stuff that I'm not gonna mention. But dps seems to be able to do the dumbest things. Don't. Try to behave.

So far I have left dungeons by leaving the party. I'm sure they got a new replacement tank within 10-20 seconds. But I won't do that in the future. If dps pisses me off in the future, I will go afk and not leave the party. You can't kick me yet. And you can't 4-man a dungeon without a tank. Have fun waiting. I know it's a @@!#ty thing to do, but I rather feck you over than get the 30min debuf. But even if that doesn't work, if there's no other choice, I rather wait 30min if necessary. Rather than tank for your crappy ass.

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#80 - 2010/04/21 10:14:48 AM
This is more of a flamebait thread than anything else, hence the lock.

It is clear that the OP has had some bad experiences which has lead to some frustration, but this is not the way to go if you wish to improve things.