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#1 - 2016/05/14 05:21:00 AM
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If you are new to this post, please check out the Original two Posts linked above and their combined 50 pages worth of replies to catch up on replies full of support, ideas, and opinions on various aspects and subjects of the Worgen and related by numerous others and myself.

However to reiterate:

The WoW community has been asking for various fixes on the Worgens since their introduction. There has always been issues and complaints in regards to the Worgen Race; everything from the female's Chihuahua face and perma-snarl, to the male's Muppet mouth and hunched back, overall awkward animations, various quirks, and a ton more issues or problems that left a lot of players, including the Worgen players themselves, unsatisfied since Cataclysm.

We would also love if Blizzard were to deliver on their statements made during the time of Warlords of Draenor's release when they have actually posted on this official World of Warcraft website, and also stated during live Events: that Worgen (and Goblin) models were going to be updated. However, as we all know, Blizzard to date has failed to deliver.

Lastly, we feel that with Genn Greymane playing a major role, with new Worgen-involved lore unfolding before our eyes, and with a heavier than usual Worgen presence in the upcoming Legion expansion, the consensus of replies agreed that this would be a great time for updates to the Worgen race sometime during Legion (even if that's during a later patch).

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#169 - 2016/05/16 11:55:00 PM
Sorry for the last two threads capping-out - I've missed them both by a hair it seems.

I'm going to go ahead and up the cap here, foreseeing the eventuality that this one gets to 500 as well.