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#0 - 2009/03/05 07:07:16 AM
I thought Blizzard looked into this and was suppose to have fixed it.

Last week, just about every warlock team we played set up their portals in the tubes at the beginning of the game. Whenever the lock got into trouble, he simply ported up into the tube out of harm's way. I remember hearing somewhere that this was an ability that wasnt allowed anymore. Pretty cheap. He ports away while the dots are still ticking on both my teammate and I, and we cannot do anything about it. Then jumps off the pipe and lays a couple fears and refreshes dots before porting back up into the stupid pipe.


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#29 - 2009/03/05 11:46:21 PM
The hotfix for this went live to all servers on Tuesday around 4pm (3/3/2009). If any of you are still seeing warlocks able to port up to the tube, please post here.

We thought we had this one knocked out but if its still active, we will get right back on it until its fixed.

Thanks again for the help.