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#0 - 2007/12/03 07:08:50 PM

31/30 Rogues- you nerfed the warriors cookiecutter build now it's time you fix the rogues. 2xblind, cheat death, immortal to all melee dps for 9sec, like CLoS wasn't enough to be god mode vs casters now they are gods vs melee attacks gg. 2xvanish, 2x AR , 2xsprint A rogue with 2 x AR is equal to a warrior with Recklessness active for 15sec. In arena all this perks that premedation gives to rogues abilities is riddicoulos OP.

Nerfing hermo is not enough blizzard. Make blind loose all rogues combo points while being used. AR make rogues take 10% more dmg while active. Dealing more dmg equals taking more dmg is logic. Make poison 10sec duration and about 2xblind do not let premedation reset blind ability.
Remove mace %stunn from the talent tree and add +dmg + armor reduce. A class with enough amount to stunn someone don't need a free talent that stunns a person.

Frost mage + Rogue in Arena is like a bad joke. we all know it the dev know it. Dreamhack finals in sweden had teams rogueroguerogueroguerogue+magemagemagemagemagemage. The ammount of CC they both can put on a target is absurd, sheep, nova. blind. after watching the games over over again i suggest you blizz dev take a look at that and come with a straight face and say "working as intended.

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#46 - 2007/12/04 08:58:26 PM
I read it all.