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#0 - 2006/09/29 01:16:27 PM
Almost all of us have one or two favorite classes that we prefer to play and that we regularly use for PvP, and while we leveled up those characters we often had or have some favorite weapons that we prefer to use for PvP. Sometimes though one can feel the urge to try something different and play PvP with another class for a while, and therefore in order to get some inspiration, it could be interesting to know the preferred weapons of other people playing other classes.

I thought it could be fun to create a thread where people can post and find information about the preferred weapons of people playing the various classes in the game, and I have therefore created this little form below that people can use to post their data, which at the same time will provide a good overview for those who wish to know the good and preferred PvP weapons of other classes:

<Insert Class>

Talent Build:
<Insert name of talent build here>
<Insert link to talent build here>

Favorite Weapon:
Level 1-19: <insert name of weapon here>
Level 20-29: <insert name of weapon here>
Level 30-39: <insert name of weapon here>
Level 40-49: <insert name of weapon here>
Level 50-59: <insert name of weapon here>
Level 60+:<insert name of weapon here>

Happy posting :-)