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#0 - 2007/03/07 05:07:40 PM

I have some problem with my in-game font, the default one.

The circled areas in these screens down below for example, any way to increase that font size? I just downloaded the latest version of Photek, but this font size problem has never occured before. As far as I could see it is not configurable with Prat either :(

It also affects the fubar font size, like then I right click any of them for options.

I run the game in maximized window mode, if I uncheck maximized the font is okay - but I didn't have this problem earlier with the same settings. Changing the UI scale at video options screws up the whole UI btw.

**Nvm, solved the Skinner problem :)**
By the way, question about Skinner aswell, as in this screenshot - - any way to get a bar like that, but in black (and with some alpha/transparency ofc)? Had it in previous Photek version though it's gone now.
Is there an easy way to create one? Else I suppose I could live without it :)

Many thanks in advance if someone knows how to "fix" it!

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#1 - 2007/03/08 01:56:01 PM
Your AddOn pack might have installed something like:

Check in your AddOns folder if any of the AddOns seem to be specifically for changing 'font's.