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#0 - 2007/04/15 09:48:36 PM
OK i have taken the time to read the faq which states:::

Q u o t e:
One of the most common question regarding this is model changing. It is not allowed. You might argue that it's only you who can see it, but the reasoning is that you could for example make the enemy flag in Warsong Gulch big and bright, easier to spot.

ok, but all i want is to change MY character to perhaps an undead mage skin..really..!

surely this is possible or just frowned upon?

If u know HYPOTHETICALLY (or not) how it is possible without being banned in current patch dont hesitate to send me a private email to

...please ur comments pew pew

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#7 - 2007/04/16 08:38:12 PM
Yes, really, it's not allowed. Move along now :)