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#0 - 2007/08/08 03:32:53 PM
I've tried most, if not all, options trying to get full transperancy but all i get is a white, semi-transperant version:

Background color is set to black, 100% opacity and the background gradient color is set to 0% opacity, but it won't work.

Or, if i have, say a full blue color with max opacity and then drag the scroll down towards 0%, it turns white, not transparent... white.

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#2 - 2007/08/08 04:19:28 PM
Just figured it out...

There was a texture still defined for the background...

Try this:

in panel settings:
background blend: blend
background texture -> custom texture: blank. Go into the input box and press return to remove any texture in the buffer, then go back to the background colour and play with the transparency...

The texture setting is the key, as is the blend setting.

Also, if Colton reads this: you can do nice and relatively sharp borders around eePanels if you set them to a width of about 4-6, full opacity, no need for extra eePanels :)

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#5 - 2007/08/08 05:04:47 PM
Q u o t e:

I'm confused, what's that got to do with what i said about how to make panels transparent? :P Are you sure you mean me?

Sorry, maybe not... think I mixed you up with the Spoon guy ;)