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#0 - 2007/09/28 10:36:48 AM
Hi everyone, and especially of course you friendly blues..

After applying the last patch, and logging in to the game, I realized that there is a new "Terms and Conditions" page popping up. (Yes, I do read these every time.. I'm paying for this, so I don't want to risk loosing all the time I've spent on this game now.. )

On this page it said that it's against the rules to use any third party software/mod that mines/gathers information from the game.

I know you don't support addons and such, but in the past, I have been enjoying the pleasures of addons like Auctioneer and Gatherer, to simplify my life while playing, and I am now wondering if these become "illegal" with the new set of rules you have added.

I appreciate that you may not be able to discuss this in detail, but maybe you can give us some guidelines as to what kind of addons may or may not be acceptable.

With regards


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#2 - 2007/09/28 11:56:44 AM
Hey Eothar,

I'm going to shoot this on over to the Interface Customisation forum, as the guys over there (and probably the all-knowing Aeus) would be able to give you a better indication of what add-ons are and are not legal.

Good luck.