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#0 - 2008/02/01 07:25:35 PM
You’ll find here after some excerpts of 2.4 patch notes. Some other information on 2.4 is also posted on other forums, so do not hesitate to have a look at them!

User Interface
  • GM messages now appear with a Blizzard icon near their name.
  • When looting Bind on Pickup items, the confirmation dialogue now lists the name of the item in the dialogue. You can now verify that you are picking up the correct bind on pickup item.
  • Bind on Pickup items that only you can pick up (Heroic Badges for instance) will no longer bring up a confirmation dialogue.
  • The profession UI search field has been improved and now allows for searching of more types of things. For instance you can search for items by socket color, by effect ("Critical Strike" for instance) or search gems by their effect ("Strength" for instance). In addition, the searching of items by level has been made more intuitive. You can now search for items by level with "15-20" to search for items that you can make that have a minimum level required of 15 to 20.