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#0 - 2007/06/05 10:24:55 PM
Hi All,
Just a quick post to let you know of a new 'fun' addon for WoW.

This one lets you shout 'Timmy' (of southpark fame) to be heard you AND by others nearby that also have the addon loaded!!!

The further you are apart - the quieter the other person hears the 'Timmy!' cry.

AND they don't have to be guild or party members to here this - this will work for anyone that has the addon loaded. What you CANT do is shout it across continents or vast areas of map - but if you are walking through BootyBay and someone near shouts - then you will hear the cry!

As a bonus you can also proclaim that someone killed kenny! - Right at the end of your quest - highlight the guy that killed the boss and '/kenny' !

Point your browser to
to download.

Cheers for listening :)

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#9 - 2007/06/06 10:31:03 AM
Being creative in any way should never be a waste of time. If you have fun doing it, that's even better :)