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#0 - 2007/07/31 03:54:16 AM
Okay, just been reading up on some mod sites and one for a addOn called "Cosmos" had an article that linked me to the Terms andConditions of use page. I noticed this...

(I have fully read the terms and conditions upon install but this has brought something to my attention...)

Anything that can be coded to modify the style and the look of the UI is fair game, as long as the modifications are done to the sanctioned internal files of the game. However, anything done to the UI to gain any sort of an unfair advantage over other players is unacceptable.

Now... I have got an addOn installed called "Gatherer" NOT to be confused with "Glider"...

I would very much appreciate either a GM or fellow player to confirm that the addOn IS allowed.

If the addOn ISNT allowed will a GM please notify me asap. The last thing I want is to have my account banned and I do not condone the use of software that gives players an unfair advantage over others.

If it is not permitted to use I will cease using it immediately and apoligise... but I would also like you to know that I have been told from various sources that it IS ok to use as it is a addOn that remembers previously mined mats, as opposed to showing you every location of mats wether youve found them or not.

Thank you, all help is appreciated.

~ Orin X

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#2 - 2007/07/31 08:55:03 PM
Gatherer just sees where you are when a skill is triggered and adds an icon to the map. As far as I know it consists only of the "standard" AddOn files like .lua, .toc and .xml. No executable files are involved. So knock yourself out.