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#0 - 2009/08/14 11:07:41 AM
WTF! Have Blizz hit there head`?!?!?

.. what are you doing, you allow ppl to make addons and *@** that helps the one using them to get a huge advantage over another plyer that is not using it!

...But u aint allowing ppl to use a macro tagg that everyone is able to use? How do you think?

Atm i have many oppinions about Blizz programers, and not many of the are any nice once!

Stop programing the game for your own personal agenda, and start programing it for the ppl thy pay and play the game!

Even my grandma understands that the *@** you done since 3.2 is crap and unbalanced!

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#12 - 2009/08/14 12:25:22 PM