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#0 - 2007/11/25 03:36:03 PM
Hello Fellow Players.

I found this idea at Elitist Jerks, and in my opinion it's great.
What this thread is aiming for is to make a thread where you can ask almost anything on how to improve your UI.

And do not ask questions like "How can I improve my UI?" or "How can I make my UI look like this?". If you ask those kind of questions you probably won't be getting the answers you're looking for and/or poor responses. Try being specific on what you want help with.

And try including Screenshots, what addons you use that are related to the problem you got.
And keep useless posts to a minimum please :D

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#3 - 2007/11/27 02:58:42 PM
This is indeed a great idea.

I have added this thread to the UI Sticky Compilation thread.

Now all we need is someone to help...

[Edit] You can use the biohazard symbol to report a thread for sticky Xenoronin