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#0 - 2007/08/28 12:10:17 AM
--Crow's Butterfly UI--

Due to popular request, i uploaded the file on curse gaming ^^
Some new screenshots:
Targetting myself:

Targetting myself:
Download link:
Second download link because curse sucks donkeyballs:

Remember if you're going to use this in a pve/pve movie, give me some credit, don't say you made it yourself, etc.

Didn't include cowtip and Aloft in that file because, well, you can't have everything handed to you! :)
Q u o t e:
A more detailed installation guide:

Step1: Rename your old "Interface" and "WTF" folders to something else - Example "Interface_Old" and "WTF_Old".
Step2: Move the WTF folder to your WoW directory ( C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft )
Step3: Make another "Interface" folder (as Crow only provides the AddOns folder).
Step4: Make an "AddOns" folder inside the "Interface" folder.
Step5: Move all the downloaded AddOns into the "AddOns" folder.
Step6: Go to the "WTF" folder and rename "YourAccountName" to your account name, rename "YourServerName" to the name of your server and rename "YourCharacterName" to the name of the character you want.
Step7: Launch the game and log in to the desired character (the one you used in the bold part of "Step6")
Step8: Click on the minimap icon, which will show more icons. Go into the "eePanels" options and choose the profile of Your Character, then copy from "CrowUIBlue" or "CrowUIYellow". Do this for all the addons in the minimap button.
Step9: Type "/reload" and enjoy! :-)


PS. If you're having trouble installing it: DO NOT WHISPER ME INGAME ABOUT IT.
Really. I get about 10 whispers a day from people about my UI, so unless its something you think i'd care about, don't whisper me about it.

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#26 - 2007/08/30 02:03:46 PM
That's very pretty indeed :) Now we just need to patch WoW to not be about blood and gore ;)
But seriously, very nice indeed. Would love to "borrow" *cough* your unit frames, action bars and chat textures.. any chance of some "shareage" ?

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#28 - 2007/08/30 02:43:35 PM
Q u o t e:
Woot a blue :o

Yes i'll upload them.. but can anyone link me a site where to do so? :P

Oh by the way, i also changed my Cowtip and Aloft to match the theme, but that's not visible in the screenie..

Oh yes and buffs stack vertically on the right side of the screen, debuffs to the left of the buffs, also vertical :)

Here's the screenie from the blue version

Ps. i use a few more addons like Necrosis/Totemus/All In One Inventory/Deadly boss mods/etc but since i didn't make them myself i didn't show them in the screenshot.

Pps. Making my own version of a HUD now :)

Ppps. Red/Black version coming up..

Edit: Hi blue! /wave /poke belly /giggle


Well, there's and
I see Smoog used Rapidshare:

Plenty of options :)

Your doing different colour styles gave me an idea, call me crazy and it will probably eat resources like crazy, but. There's a faction plug in for FuBar (FuBar_FactionsFu) that you can tell, in any region, display faction x or faction y as default when I enter this zone.
It might be possible with a compilation as well. If I enter Winterspring, load the blue version, if I enter Silithus, load the yellow version, a.s.o.
But like I say, just a weird thought :)

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#31 - 2007/08/30 02:59:39 PM
Btw, something I think everyone who uploads their UI should do...

in the WoW folder make a new text file.
In it, you put this:
del *.bak /s

Now rename it to filename.bat instead of filename.txt
Now run it and all those rubbish .bak files will magically have been erased. Saves space and clutter.

Of course, every time you run WoW they'll come back, and that's fine, just do it before uploading.

Just a tip, of course.

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#54 - 2007/08/31 11:05:18 AM
Q u o t e:

As far as I know it's with every new thing you upload at curse. Atleast it was with my User Package to and took about a full day or 2 :)

I suggest to upload to Rapidshare in the meanwhile, takes bout 10 minutes.

I second that :) Silly Curse user for reporting that UI... /facepalm..

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#62 - 2007/08/31 01:15:01 PM
About minichat:
If I have two chat windows above each other and I minimise the bottom one, the top one doesn't move down. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Oh, and I'm really curious which hud that is... I've been looking but only finding old hud versions...

Edit: Just found out that the minimising and moving together is a DreamChat feature. Problem there is, it doesn't have MiniChat's auto minimise... Anyone know of a combo of the two? :)
Also noticed in DreamChat the background colour doesn't change, no matter what you set it to...

Checking out that ShadowHud then..

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#71 - 2007/08/31 03:03:32 PM
Very nice Crow :)