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#0 - 2006/08/30 04:15:30 AM

Is not the fact that; as a design team you cannot implement enough storage space.. and yet shove 30 slots worth of crud in each instance we need to store and have a redicously high requirement on consumables to which as a guild you want to help provide your members to lesser the burden on them.

So people need to then pay for an account which gets used... maybe a total of an hour a day just to make up for your inability and obvious lack of communication between your dungeon designers and your general design team to talk to each other and realise it doesnt work unless u add more space.

In terms of 'crud' per instance:
MC.. was ok... BWL was ok fine... ZG was HORRIBLE... AQ was HORRIBLE... Naxx is Good.

Then you add cock-block encounters which require full resist gear
Rag / Vael / Firemaw - atleast while you learn it, and generally always still on the MT
Huhuran which is viscous in terms of NR and also pots..
Viscid... which we havent even botherd to try yet as we do not want to waste time on even more NR pots and NR gear

Then you add fights where you cannot even start to learn/get it on farm without using pots to make up for lack of experience/gear
Emps and onwards...
Noth.. Gothik... Loatheb etc

An almost perverted need to make every new boss require titans on anyone who tanks it at the very minimum...

And then when as a guild we focus on not making this such a big load of cr*p on our members do something about it, and as a result end up with about 20k gold on our bank.

You decide to go and ban it? wtf? you suddenly now think we are a gold farmer, and yet you obviously do not even look at whats on the account, the only thing you look at is the big red arrow on your database wihch actually makes some of you go and pay some slight attention and see it has a relativly high amount of gold.

You accuse us of being a goldfarmer hellbent on destroying the server economy, yet you do absolutly nothing to the 49+ hunters or rogues who infest our server actually farming and using bots.

You say theres proof... and refuse to say what? know why? because there is none, its a red number saying its got over 10k gold and thats proof in your eyes.
From memory I could probly list every way we have earnt our cash and items and thats more than your employs could say about their aparent 'proof' which is unquestionably false.

So yeah thanks ALOT for making all these encounters require insane consumables to learn, adding over a hundred useless items because you didnt think things through, refusing to do anything significant to counter the insane amounts of cr*p you add and make us store, and generally not knowing how to do things correctly... and then when we as a playerbase work out a way to counter these stupid requirements your so ignorant u go and ban it, when your even getting a 'free' revenue from an account wihch provides no strain on your server, its as good as inactive in terms of use...

GG, thanks for making bad situations worse and royally screwing us over, for once you've done a good job of something.

Atleast its safe to know if we need gold to start a new guild bank, we can go visit any of these places that the Bots that idle in IF spam and buy gold off them for IRL cash, which they farm unhindered and abuse the game while you do absolutly notihng to stop.

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#21 - 2006/08/30 09:10:30 AM
Might want to check that post title..