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#0 - 2006/10/29 04:38:32 PM
Since the Belf males have been buffed up I demand that Blizzard do the same to the belf females.

As we all know, the belf males have gone from looking like metrosexuals who have come from the set of 'The OC' to the far more macho and masculine gay pr0n star look that they sport now.

I think that this new look is a massive improvement, as do so many other players.

But with their slim limbs and waists, I'm sad to say that the belf females look like ladyboys.

This being so, I demand that Blizzard make the belfs look like 'real' women and more 'feminine' in the way that the belf males now look more 'masculine'.

To that end I think that the belf females should have FF breasts so they look like proper women.

I want their breasts to the the size that will make belf female rogues knock themselves out with when they use their sprint ability.

So come on Blizzard - change the belf female models in the same spirit that you have changed the male belf models.

I want to play a character that looks like a 'real' woman - not one that looks like a freak.

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#43 - 2006/10/30 12:38:37 PM
Q u o t e:

Says the undead.


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#47 - 2006/10/30 12:46:26 PM
The need for feedback seems to be here, but so eems the need for some .. 'immatures', if you will, to take this into directions it shouldn't be going. Perhaps in a next feedback session things will stay 'clean'... oO