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#0 - 2006/10/26 11:35:03 AM
Hey, it's a fantasy game...nobody expects it to be realistic. However, Blizzards justification for changing the Blood Elf models made me chortle:

Q u o t e:
As many players have noticed, we have made a slight change to the male Blood Elf character models. In response to concerns that the Blood Elf male appeared to be too feminine, and after reviewing the model from a visual and conceptual standpoint, the decision was made to increase the body mass to give them a more substantial, masculine feel. It was also important that as members of the Horde that the Blood Elves gave the impression of strength and a more menacing presence.

Please be aware that all beta content is still subject to testing and can change at any time.

Too feminine? Oh please. Consider the following image:

On the left we have a normal human male. In the centre, Arnold Schwarzenegger, governer of California. Now, I think we can agree that Mr.Schwarzenegger has, through a combination of rigourous training and steroid abuse (
pushed the human male physique fairly close to the limit of what is possible. However, just to the right, we find a level 1 human male warrior from WoW. As you can see, even the gubbernators impressive physique is paltry in comparison to this mountain of muscle, whos arms are wider at the bicep than Arnolds legs are at the thigh. So this is the standard of manliness to which Blizzard are referring when they state that the original Blood Elves were too "feminine".

For those who may not have seen the comparison shot, it may be viewed here:

The version on the right is considered to be too feminine. In fact, they are the first male characters in WoW to display anything resembling normal human anatomy. It is often implied that when "feminine" is employed here as a description, "gay" is what is in fact meant. If that is so, then consider the following.

Here is a list of attractive men that have been selected by women (the readers of Hello! magazine):

Note the lack of biceps and six packs in evidence.

And here is a list of attractive men that have been selected by gay men:

On which list do you think it more likely that the New Blood Elf models would find a place?

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#45 - 2006/10/26 03:15:43 PM
You have GOT to be kidding me. Threads upon threads upon, say it with me... threads on this. We listen to player feedback and we get THIS?