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#0 - 2007/02/15 11:32:18 PM
I dont know what to do now. It was my main char. Lvl 70 mage. Full Shadowweave Set. All pvp Epics. All Enchants. Continuum Blade. Two high professions.

She said i was playing too much. What am i supposed to do now? I mean, it was my hobby. How could she be so mean?

I dont know how to react. Im so angry at her, but I cant just leave her. I would look like a complete nerd. I dont even want to think about what i would say if someone asked me about it. "Oh, she deleted my character in a computer game.... so i dumped her". Doesnt this sound... crazy? Im so helpless. I hate her for it.

She doesnt even think it was a big deal. Man... I can imagine her talking to her friends on the phone... or worst of all, to her father... "I tell you, he FLIPPED OUT... because of this stupid game."


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#107 - 2007/02/16 08:18:27 PM
I started out removing some of the, shall we say, less than favourable responses, but ended up having to remove too many. Locking for trolldom.