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#0 - 2007/03/18 06:58:33 PM
so... in a heroic blood furnace, last boss dropped a epic gem... no one needed, i won it through greed.

"Jagged Chrysoprase" +6stamina +5crit rating(melee)


could i get like a real nice BOE item with socket (something crafted maybe) put that gem into it and give it to some1 else... or would the item become BOP?

some1 told me that the item would not become BOP but you would get the "cannot trade soulbond items" message when u try to trade, as the souldbond gem is in it?

i think it's kinda crap that you can get loot like BOP gems and primal nether that, if no1 needs, get completely wasted as you can't trade or shard em.

the gem is 3G on a vendor btw... nice waste :S

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#6 - 2007/03/20 09:33:53 AM
I just asked a friendly GM to test this: Socketing a BoP gem into a BoE item should not make it soulbound, just VERY expensive ;)