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#0 - 2007/09/07 03:16:18 PM
Hey guys,

A couple of guildies play on Macs so when they join the vent server i have gotten for us, they can not hear what we are saying, one of these guildies said something about me needing to install a codec on the server is this right and could someone point out where i could find this codec?

Its quite important as its hard trying to explain kara tactics to half the raid in letters and half by voice.



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#3 - 2007/09/07 03:40:38 PM
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You need to have the Speex coded installed for Mac users.

Indeed. And the WoWWiki is also always good to check in:

"WoW will gain a built-in voice communication feature in a future patch (likely 2.2.0); Blizzard's Mac developers have confirmed that it'll work cross-plaftorm.


The official Mac port of Ventrilo is currently in beta and missing some features. Ventrilo's developers promise full cross-platform feature parity for their upcoming 3.0 release.

Ventrilo servers use the GSM codec by default; the Mac client only supports the Speex codec, so usually a server will need to be reconfigured to support Mac clients. A common misconception among Ventrilo users is that using the Speex codec results in poor audio quality; this is actually an effect of the Ventrilo client/server architecture when mixed-version clients are connected. All clients, Windows included, must be updated to the latest version of Ventrilo or Speex audio quality will be reduced.

Using "Push To Talk" functionality in Ventrilo requires turning on "Enable access for assistive devices" in the Universal Access pane of System Preferences. "