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#0 - 2007/10/03 01:18:00 PM
why you locked TRUE POST ... ???:

it was orc shoulders .... not repaired for 2 months !
arena bugged - no points for some games won + disconnects
voice chat is where? (I don't expect it will run correctly)
brewfest bugs

I don't even remember other now, but there is many @*#@ing bugs in this game omg. It is one of the most bugged game I played for last year.

too many bugs even thought patch testing 2.2.0 took too long.....

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#5 - 2007/10/03 01:21:16 PM
Dude, clam down. Step away from the keyboard. Deep breath. Sit back down. Locate CAPS lock. Press it gently, just the one time.