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#0 - 2007/10/08 03:06:40 AM
This whole evening has for me been a forumfest in the art of browsing. I've leapt across several different WoW forums, the european and the US ones, wrapping my head around Draenei shaman issues, warrior talents and the model colors of different crossbows.

Wherever you look, throughout the WoW community, there are a few things that are, and have always been, consistant. The constant spam about nerfs & buffs of classes, the anti-gnome sentiments and the use of cookies, pie & catnip. Alongside of all these classics, we have one who I personally never see people focus on as much as it deserves; the perpetual bashing of the people in charge. The people in charge of making this game, running this game, keeping the community going and up-to-date (as much as their discretion allows).

For these people, what they do, is their job. Everyone that's ever had a job know how much of their life this actually takes up. A 9-5 job, is not a 9-5 job - it's something you carry with you in every hour inbetween as well, something you 5 of the 7 days (if not more) in a week, commit fully to, and taking you like what you do, you strive to do better at.

Every WoW player with a mind greater than a medium-sized brick has run into the everyday %%!%head that makes up for a considerable bulk of the WoW community. The kind of player who pesters you for water without the slightest hint of being polite, the kind of player who keeps the chat logs databases filled with "LOLOMGBIGLETTERSAREFUN", the kind of player who joins for a group, gets their drop and then leaves without a word. The kind of players you are surrounded by, a fact you hate is true.

This is something we can all relate to, this is our reality. Now. Picture yourself being a blue or a dev, whatever suits your fancy. Get on one of these forums. Suggestion, Technical, Support.. read through the endless tides of threads and let me know if you come out the other end with a smile on your face, and if so - what have you been eating, how do you prepare it, and how many of my siblings will it cost to come by?

Every day, in every way possible, the very people who make this game, and this community, even possible, is getting the verbal beating as if they were destroying the very thing they're creating. Of course no one is perfect, and mistakes are made, but that's human. It's a racial they hid in the same place they hid the Windfury CD. They've built and maintaned this piece of art, this huge construction of potential joy and adventure, this machine of simple fun - and yet many of you feel obligated to scream yourselves voiceless because of the unescapable flaws.

I'm not saying you shouldn't complain, constructive criticism is 'the sh1t' (as they say), all I'm asking you to do, next time you let your fingers do the talking on anyone of these (or any other for that matter) forums - keep in mind that we're better off together (the hippies were right!), not against eachother. That we are all here for a common love of a game - and everything in it of course - but a game nonetheless. This game has been brought to you, created for you, and for those reasons alone, whoever's behind that deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Put yourself in their blue shoes, next time you're done writing whatever it is you're writing, and check if that's something you'd want to read, directed at you. This is a digital world with alot of ones, zeros and make-beliefs, but you have to remember.. to be human.

To finish off - thanks. Alot. Devs, blues and all you forgotten ones in the middle. Thanks for all the work you've done, and keep on doing. There are alot of us out here who, eventhough we might not voice it as much as the guys from the other side of the fence does, appriciate what you're doing. Thanks.

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#7 - 2007/10/08 10:19:53 AM
Thank you.