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#0 - 2007/10/10 07:50:45 AM
Hello, I am Shadow Priest level 70 :))

I need money, lots of money mainly for: 1. Epic Flying Mount 2. Enchants and Gems 3. Train my Enchanting skill higher ;]

My proffesions: Enchanting 276 / Tailoring 375

I have a normal flying mount

I see players... look at players... And many of them have an Epic Flying Mount! Where did they get so much money from (5200g)?? That's why I am asking all of you Farming (Primals?) - where the best place? Questing normal quests - Netherstorm and SMV but is this a really good way? Dailys - I don't know where to get most of them. AH - ??

Thank you for your effort and replies :))

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#1 - 2007/10/10 08:01:05 PM