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This is a simple list for Rogues on how not to raid in 3.3 but still enjoy the PvE experience and get some decent gear. If like me you’re not a fan of raiding every single night or just like to relax a bit more (my guild luckily is very accomodating for this) then here’s a list of gear that you can get without popping your cash on flasks, pots and fish feasts. It should be noted that Frost badges will be hard to come across for most casuals/alts unless you're doing the daily every single day and the weekly raid (which by definition you probably wont). The best things you can get though are 2 pcs of T10 and the trinket. Please use your own common sense when picking up loot and try a spreadsheet!

To make things simpler for people there is a very simple guide up at that I've used Aldriana's spreadsheet scaling for and added in some filters. It will not show weapons and there are some BoE items that aren't likely to be showing soon but it's a damn nice graphical view:;cr=106:118:3:105:118;crs=-2323:47241:1:-2323:45624;crv=0:0:0:0:0;ma=1;gb=1;gm=4;wt=117:114:21:119:103:96:20:77;wtv=2.15:2.02:1.96:1.86:1.81:1.74:1.1:1

v 1.0, 14/01/09 - Guide written
v 1.1, 15/01/09 - Layout changed, Papa's Brand New Knife added and warning text at the start and version control
v 1.2, 23/01/09 - Added Wowhead link and a few new items

Frost - For those willing to save up all their daily badges (and weekly raid if you enjoy PuG raiding…) there’s the Shadowblade Helmet for 95 Frost Badges.
Triumph and lower - Failing that go get a T9 helm for 50 Triumph Badges, Mask of Lethal Intent is also nifty at 75 Triumph Badges.
Drops - Or, if you’re into pure drops then the Frayed Scoundrel’s Cap from the Devourer of Souls in Forge of Souls may be for you.

BoE - With the amount of trash farming going on in IC25 don’t be surprised if you’re on a high pop server to see Wodin’s Lucky Necklace on the AH, it goes for 6k BO according to wowhead but I’d imagine on some servers it will be much more inflated.
Drops - Short of this monumental BoE you can also get the Barbed Ymirheim Choker from Forgemaster Garfrost in Forge of Souls.
Triumph and lower - Lastly Broach of the Wailing Night is simple to pick up at 19 conquest badges.

Frost - Again, T10 shoulders are awesome if you can get the 60 Frost Badges for them.
Triumph and lower - Failing that the Duskstalker Shoulders/Pauldrons are awesome for 45 Triumph badges and then there’s also the T9 shoulders for 30 Triumph badges.
Drops - Spaulders of Black Betrayal drop from Falric in Halls of Reflection Heroic

Frost - If you really save up your Frost Badges (95 to be exact) you can get a Shadow Seeker’s Tunic, alternatively there’s also the T10 chest for 95 Frost Badges, but it comes in at much worse stats and for the casual might not be worth it.
Crafting - Also worth a mention is the Knightbane Carapace which you can get crafted, the main ingredient being Crusader Orbs which can be bought for Triumph badges.
Drops - Choking Hauberk drop from Marwyn in Halls of Reflection Heroic

Frost - For the waist we have Vengeful Noose for 60 Frost Badges
Crafting - Followed quickly by Death-Warmed Belt, a lovely leatherworking recipe which uses runed orbs (Ulduar and Conquest badges)
Triumph and lower - Belt of the Twilight Assassin is sold for 28 Conquest badges – slim pickings!

Frost - T10 set pieces once again own and once again costs a %**!load of Frost Badges, 95 to be more on the money.
Drops - Fleshwerk leggings drop from Scourgelord Tyrannus in Pit of Saron heroic.
Triumph and lower - Or, the Tier 9 legs for 50 Triumph Badges and you can pick up some BOE goodness in the form of Proto-Hide Leggings, also worth a mention are the Leggings of Wavering Shadows for 39 Conquest Badges.

Crafting - Footpads of Silence are faily cheap to create from a Leatherworker.
Drops - You can also get the Blighted Leather Footpads from Halls of Reflection (please note though this is the hardest heroic to run!). Otherwise Treads of Dismal Fortune from Trial of the Champion heroic are a pretty good item also.

Crafting - Bracers of Swift Death are a cheap item to create from a Leatherworker.
Triumph and lower - If not you can pick up Wristwraps of the Cut-throat for 60 Valor Badges. (Note: If this is an alt those badges can come from anyone as they’re BoE!)
Drops - And don’t forget Armguards of the Wary Lookout from Eadric’s cache in Trial of the Champion heroic. But even better are the Chewed Leather Wristguards from Ick in Pit of Saron heroic.

Frost - Cat Burglar’s Grips and T10 hands both come in at 60 Frost Badges.
Triumph and lower - Alternatively, why not use the Tier 9 gloves for 30 Triumph Badges.
Drops - Carpal Tunnelers from Marwyn in Halls of Reflection Normal

Purchase - You can get Runed Band of the Kirin Tor for 11′500g.
Triumph and lower - Dexterous Brightstone ring is 35 Triumph Badges.
Drops - There’s Band of Stained Souls from Scourgelord Tyrannus in Pit of Saron heroic and Ring of Carnelion and Bone from Forgemaster Gorefrost from… yup Pit of Saron.

Frost - Your first Emblem of Frost spend should be the awesome Herkuml War Totem
Drops - Combine this with Needle-Encrusted Scorpion and you’re onto a great little combo.
Triumph and lower - Alternatives for 50 Triumph Badges include Mark of Supremacy and Shard of the Crystal-Heart.
Crafting - Don’t forget about the uber cool Darkmoon Card: Greatness which you need to get by combining the ace through 8 of nobles (Inscriptionists can make these with a chance of 1 in 4 to get a nobles card – better to buy it!)

Frost - For your cloak you can get Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape for 50 Frost Badges.
BoE - There are also a few BoE cloaks you might be able to pick up such as Cloak of the Untamed Predator or Shawl of the Shattered Giant. Both go for a fair whack though on the AH.
Drops - There’s also a new drop: Accursed Crawling Cape from Devourer of Souls in Forge of Souls.

Frost - Pick up Shrapnel Star for 30 Frost Badges.
Triumph and lower - Crimson Star for 25 Triumph Badges.
Drops - Bronjahm in Forge of Souls drops Papa's Brand New Knife.

Combat Weapons (all drops):
Mainhand - The ultimate bad boy is of course Quel’Delar, but failing this (by now they’re on the AH mind you) your options are Nighttime for you Hack n Slashers which is dropped from Bronjahm in the Forge of Souls, Black Icicle for you blunt freaks from the Halls of Reflection chest or Seven-Fingered Claws for CQC players from ICC-hc trash.

Offhand – Unsharpened Ice Razor is from the trash in all the ICC-hcs and is a great offhand dagger. Unfortunately the mace selection for casual offhands is so bad I suggest you pick up a sword, fist, axe or dagger as the best you can get is a Furious Saronite Beatstick. Liar’s Tongue drops in Halls of Reflection from the end chest also for swords/axes and has a nice graphic to boot too!

Mutilate Weapons (all drops):
Mainhand – Pick up Blood Weeper or Heartshiver from Devourer of Souls in Forge of Souls (Heartshiver is from normal).

Offhand – Unsharpened Ice Razor again is awesome, drops from the trash in all ICC-hcs (is there an echo in here?)

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