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#0 - 2007/03/13 10:51:22 PM
Note: I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this so I'll be posting a copy in the Suggestions Forum. Furthermore, any information given on the Mac version of the game is hear-say and I can't be held responsible for any mistakes.

As we all know, it's possible to capture screenshots in World of Warcraft. You can even use Alt + Z to hide the UI, making it easier to get a nice clean shot. However, screenshots are saved in Truevision's TARGA format, also known as TGA.

TGA files cannot, as you might have noticed, be opened and edited with Paint, the free standard paintshop program included in Windows. This might seem like an odd thing seeing as the average user of World of Warcraft probably uses a Windows machine.

But the plot thickens when we look at the Mac version of the game. You see, on Mac computers, screenshots are saved in Joint Photographic Experts Group's popular JPEG format. JPEG, unlike TGA can be opened with Paint.

So why, oh why, did you not make JPEG the default format for screenshots in the Windows version of the game as well? I can't count the amount of times a player has asked the question "How do I open TGA files?" on the fansite I read and post at.

And if you're worried about JPEG reducing the quality of the images, why not BMP at least? Or any other format that can be opened and edited with Paint? Luckily I have Paint Shop installed and there are plenty of free TGA-converters out there, but it just seems like such an unnecessary thing to have to deal with.

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#14 - 2007/03/14 11:10:59 AM
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I would love to convert mine, however i have 15 Gig of screen shots... and it'll just take too long.


Video might be the way to go for you ;)