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#0 - 2008/02/06 10:22:09 AM
Most of us know bout the Sony Bravia Color Like No Other commercial:

I just got a twisted idea about recreating this in WoW!

The clip will be a big load of gnomes (level doesn't matter) in as colorful clothes as possible, jumping down the IF hill! Look at the YouTube clip and you understand what it will be like. I will do the filming, so I'll position myself in a particular position and then I'll call out for when you can start jumping (will probably create a guild to properly announce it). Of course, you have to be prepared for jumping down that hill several times - once will be far from enough, I have to film it from several different views.

Please, keep your mains away from the filming area. The movie would be so much better if it was just gnomes in it. Just join the fun and create a gnome of your own, or use an existing one!

Been having any twisted ideas about ganking all the gnomes? Just forget it. Dun Morogh isn't contested and you wont be able to kill any of the halflings. Instead, join the fun! Create a trial account at and gogo make your gnome!

Colors, colors and more colors! Make big hair (no bald gnomes!) with an extreme color. Usually there are a lot of pink haired gnomes, so try and somewhat avoid it. I want this to be many different colors. Also try and get some colorful clothing on. If you have any money on the char, then fix some fashion clothes. Or just go to the Lunar festival! Use five tokens to get a dress! :) Also: no cloaks! And please, do not jump naked. Might be hot, but it wont look as good. Also, no weapons. Keep them in your bag.

Server: Kazzak PvP.
To avoid any raid time conflict, I've decided to do this on saturday 9/2. At approx 4PM server time, get your gnome to the top of the hill outside Ironforge. I'll invite you all to a guild. My gnome (even though I'm filming, I got to match!) is called Thecamera. If you're running on a highlevel gnome, you don't need to leave your guild of course, but since all the announcements will be in the guild, just look at the gnomes in the guild - when they start jumping - jump after them!

As already mentioned, I will need to take several clips of this. I'll try and be as specific as possible when it comes to direction, but basic rules are:
Do not jump into the camera! It might look good if one or two gnomes disappears above the camera, but other than that don't run too much in the way so that you can't see what happens. Try and feel like a ball, how would it jump? Down the hill, I suppose. >:3

No spells please! I just want pure, hot gnomes. It might be fesitive to pop an arcane explosion, but please don't.

Do not hug eachother too much! Be pretty much spread out so that there will be a steady ammount coming all the time. It's hard to tell exactly how spread out before we know the actual number of gnomes coming, but just try and not collide too much with other bouncing gnomes.

Moar jumping, less running! Remember, you are bouncing balls, not gnomes! You bounce, you do not run.

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#8 - 2008/02/07 09:21:33 AM
So... many... colours...

It's so pretty!

Adding this to the Community Events this week to help get you the stars you need!