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#0 - 2008/03/03 09:47:36 AM
Let me explain the question a bit .....

We've recently had a very kind and nice person pass away on our server. She did not inform many of her illness, and thus this was a shock to a lot of people.

Someone was kind enough to inform everyone that she had passed away, by posting a thread: (I don't know if this link is frowned upon, ifso, I'll remove it...)

Now, some immature guy decides that it's totally called for to post something offensive here (there will always be trolls, this is part of why there are moderators on these boards!).

Luckely, after a report of many, his post gets removed. Cudo's to the mods.

Now, he reposts the very same lame joke.

It gets reported again, and again the moderators quickly nip this in the butt.

Now comes the sad part.

Even though his remark is very disrespectfull and ment to intentionally hurt others (including the brother of the girl) he still deems it funny to post the same remark a third time....

Isn't it more productive to 3 strike someone then just let him do his thing over and over? I mean, he has proven to be a tad too young to be on the boards...

Cleaning his remarks away does not undo his intend to hurt, and most people see it before the moderator can delete this. Isn't there some provision in the rules somewhere for this kind of misbehaviour? I though that reposting deleted/locked stuff was enough.

Will this again end in a slap on the wrist and a kind "now trod along, don't do this again"?

Very angry!

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#19 - 2008/03/03 12:33:49 PM
Q u o t e:

I understand this is a serious thread, some people think the dead are to be revered more than the living (personally I find this disingenuous but anyway), but that quote made me chuckle out loud when I'm meant to be writing documentation for a database system.

It's bud, nip it in the bud. Nipping in the butt, well that's not respectful either.

You knew what was meant, don't be so pedantic. :)

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#343 - 2008/03/10 05:46:32 PM
This thread is turning into quite a flamewar, hence the lock.

I would say that this thread has run its course and it is quite clear that people cannot agree on this matter, so this is what is going to happen:

The people who clearly take death very seriously, and thus would like to mourn and pay their last respects to the dead, should be allowed to do so in peace in a thread dedicated to the dead.

The people who take death more lightly, and are thus inclined to make "humorous" comments on behalf of the dead, will not post in threads dedicated to the dead... Even if they have the most funny joke the universe have ever seen!

Sure this forum might not be the most suitable place to honour the dead, but please try to show some respect. The least you can do is to just refrain from posting if you have nothing but provocative or "funny" things to say. You might not share the feelings of those who are very sensitive and emotional when it comes to the death of another person, but please try to be considerate nonetheless.