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#1 - 2016/01/15 06:38:00 PM
Ok, so I've been testing out a full Multistrike build on my ele. For those of you who don't know, the way Multistrike works in PvP is you only have 1 roll on it mutlistriking instead of two. At the moment, in PvP combat I have 68.02% multistrike with this gear. Ele also recieves an additional roll from crit chance (13.23% in PvP Combat). This is ~81% multistrike chance.

After extensive testing, in duels, in arenas, in skirmishes I have not ever seen it break 50% Multistrike on Lava Burst.

Now, obviously with the roll being nerfed from having ((68.02% x 2) + 13.23%) to (68.02% + 13.23%) you're going to lose quite a bit of multistrikes right? I mean that's fine, totally understandable. What I dont understand is multistriking so close to 40% of the time, and nothing more or less really. Over hundreds of trys against multiple targets, the best I've seen in this gear is ~48%.

The way lava burst works, you also roll another multistrike from your crit chance. This means that I have over 80% Multistrike chance on Lava Burst in PvP.

If I sit down and attack my garrison pvp dummy, I typically have over 120% multistrike on my lava burst on that dummy as it can roll twice, and a third time from crit.

Now, attacking a PLAYER however?
Its barely ever breaking 40%.

Here are some logs just to illustrate what it looks like hitting a player vs hitting a dummy --

Player x3 ~ 40% each time. (bottom right, not the middle)

Garrison PvP Dummy (PvE rules apply to dummy, just boosts PvP iLvL)
forgot to log on the dummy, but you get the gist.

I'm seeing these same spreads of numbers in Duels, Arenas, Skirmishes, BGs... Everything.
Like I said, I can understand being down a roll, but consistently multistriking at 40%, is ridiculous. I often have parses on dummy with over 150%. A low parse on dummy is 120-130%.

For reference, this is the gear I'm using on Ele


Consistently rolling almost exactly half of my multistrike chance in PvP, on only 1 roll.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but with my current stats and no multistrike or crit buff, my LvB should have ~a 27% chance to have both of its rolls multistrike, and a 8% chance to have neither of its rolls multistrike in PvP.

Yet over the course of hundreds of casts of LvB, I'm seeing rates of my LvB only MSing ~40% of the time. Oddly enough, thats almost exactly half the MS chance my LvB should actually have in PvP....

Seems like a big enough sampling size to conclude that something is very bugged.

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#72 - 2016/02/02 11:42:00 PM
So, we’ve been looking into this issue, and there appears to be some confusion. Here’s some clarification:

First off, Multistrike grants two entirely separate chances in PvE, and only one chance in PvP. It sounds like you understand that already, but it’s important to keep in mind when you’re working out the math. Two separate 68% chances could result in 0 Multistrikes. If you simply multiply that 68% by 2, you get one single 136% chance, which is not how the system works. Obviously, this doesn’t apply in PvP where you would only have that single 68% chance, but it seemed worth clarifying.

Secondly, the extra Multistrike effect on Lava Burst is a third, additional roll based on your Crit chance, NOT an additive increase to your other Multistrike chances. So, if you have 68% Multistrike and 13% Crit, casting Lava Burst at a target dummy would give you two 68% chances, and one 13% chance. It would not give you two 81% chances. (Similarly, in PvP, you would have one 68% chance and one 13% chance.)

All that said, we still figured it was worth investigating to make sure there wasn’t anything screwy going on. So, we set up an Orc Elemental Shaman with 100% Multistrike and 12% Crit, and had him cast 3221 Lava Bursts at a Dwarf Monk. Those casts resulted in 3589 Multistrikes, which is extremely close (only about half a percent off) the projected mathematical average of 3608.

Based on that, as well as a few other cursory spot checks, it looks like Multistrike is working properly in PvP. I suspect that what you’re seeing is just due to the small sample size – it’s certainly well within the expected variance for that number of casts with that level of Multistrike. Hopefully this helps clear things up.

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#88 - 2016/02/03 02:14:00 AM
02/02/2016 05:30 PMPosted by Regnatia
Whatever did the poor dwarf do to deserve so many lava bursts...

He knows what he did.